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Recipe Ice Kopyor Synthetic Agar Agar Special

Recipe Ice Kopyor Synthetic Agar Agar Special
Ice Kopyor Sinthetic Agar Agar
Recipe Ice Kopyor Synthetic Agar Agar Special - Previously I had promised to notify the recipe ice Kopyor special synthetic agar-agar. After a short time ago I discussed at Tempat Online Ku about recipe ice coconut kopyor original kopyor. Actually, both prescription Kopyor ice are equally delicious and fresh really. Only difference is that one uses real coconut and I share now is a recipe ice Kopyor synthetic, the use of gelatin with a blend of coconut milk to be kopyornya. Still confused?, Do not be confused. Let me not confuse you, let us immediately see the process of making recipe ice Kopyor this synthetic gelatin.

Recipe Ice Kopyor Synthetic Agar Agar Special

Ingredients ice Kopyor synthetic agar :
1 ltr coconut milk
2 pack gelatinous white

½ tsp fine salt
100 grams sugar
Ice cubes intact / leave large fractions
Cocopandan syrup, to taste
Sweetened condensed milk white, taste

How to Make Ice Kopyor synthetic agar:
1. Make Kopyor : Cook with medium heat, agar-agar (gelatin), coconut milk, and sugar, stirring constantly until boiling, then remove from heat.
2. Place crushed ice cubes in a bowl or large bowl, pour the batter, pour hot jelly Kopyor spoonful after spoonful onto the ice. Let the jelly out of ice cubes to resemble Kopyor.
3. Cook the coconut milk, pandan leaves, and salt over medium heat until boiling, stirring constantly until the coconut milk and do not break, then remove from heat and let cool.
4. Serve in a glass, synthetic Kopyor and coconut milk, put ice cubes to taste so much cooler and fresher.

Surely now you have understood it, what's synthetic Kopyor. How, delicious and fresh instead?. Kopyor ice recipe is also suitable lho presented during fasting. Sweet and nutritious, because it can aid digestion as well.

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